Medicine for the CCDA Delivered

October 7, 2010

Dear friends,

I’m currently in Guatemala. Soon after my arrival on Monday, I was able to purchase around $1,000 worth of medicine for our friends with the CCDA (Comite Campesino del Altiplano) whose members grow Cafe Justicia. Thank you for your donations which made this possible. And special thanks to Vilma in Toronto and Silvia in Guatemala for coordinating everything. The medicine includes everything from anti-biotics to pain killers and vitamins for both adults and children.

Yesterday I took the medicine to the CCDA office in the village of Quixaya near San Lucas Tolliman. While the rains have stopped this week, it’s sunny and hot during the day but freezing cold at night, the damage they have caused this year is clear. There is significant damage to roads and bridges making the usually precarious trips by car or bus even more exciting especially when the 2 lane highway hugging the side of a mountain is down to a single muddy track! There is also damage to other infrastructure such as water systems and houses.

After I made the journey I presented the medicine to Lesbia and Leocadio of the CCDA.

Ken, Leocadio and Lesbia with some of the purchased medicine

The medicine will go into immediate use treating the people who have been struggling with storm after storm since the start of May.

Once again, thanks for your support.



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