Cafe Justica and a clinic!

January 3, 2011

Dear friends, In addition to my work with the school in Guatemala, I also sell Cafe Justicia grown by the members of the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA).

 You may recall last September; I issued a call for assistance for medical supplies to help communities that were severely affected by flooding in Guatemala.  We were able to purchase a significant amount of medicine with your donations.   

Once again I am in Guatemala and last week I had the opportunity to visit my friends with the CCDA. I’m pleased to let you know that their clinic in the community of Quixaya is up and running and that it’s using our medicine to treat dozens of patients on the three days per week that it is open. The clinic is a great example of what can happen when people from diverse places work together. The building was constructed by Cafe Justicia volunteers in Ottawa, our group provided the medicines, and the CCDA has taken care of the rest! Here are a few photos from the clinic.

 From the proceeds of my sales of Cafe Justicia, I also donated another US$300 to the clinic. It will be used to buy children’s medicine to treat the various respiratory diseases which affect kids in Guatemala during the winter season. While the weather isn’t cold by Canadian standards, it poses a threat to people with poor diets who live in sub-standard housing. 

I also visited another remote village in which the CCDA works. I received a modest proposal to help on a school project. The current school is one-room and can handle 35 students. The problem is that 70 students have enrolled, meaning that the other students attended classes outside. Let me know if you are interested in helping build another classroom.



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