Gently used laptops wanted for projects in Tanzania & Guatemala

Dear friends, Do you have a laptop sitting unused in a closet somewhere? Is it a newer model (no older than 4 or 5 yrs) which can still run current Microsoft software?

 If you are looking for a home for it, please read on! Two projects which benefit children in Tanzania and Guatemala can put that unused and unloved computer to work. Please note we can only accept computers in working order. We do not have the resources to fix them.

 1) Amani Childrens Home in Tanzania

Amani is a grassroots charity at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro which helps house, feed and educate 300 orphans and homeless children, founded 10 years old by some locals to address the problem of young street children, often orphaned by AIDS. Of the 300 children supported, Amani’s social workers have reunited 200 with extended family (Amani often provides modest financial support for food, clothes or school fees to make this possible) – another 100 have been unable to be reunited and are housed at Amani’s facility. The home has a modest computer lab with only six computers and your gently used laptop would be a great addition. Dan Richards, an instructor in the Rotman MBA program, has worked with the project for a number of years. In March, a school group from Toronto will be visiting Tanzania and would be glad to carry your laptop to Amani.

 2) El Triunfo Education Project

The project is providing a middle school and high school education for indigenous children in the community of El Triunfo, Guatemala. This year approximately 100 children are enrolled in the school in grades seven to twelve. Your laptop would go to the home of a student enabling them to practice and develop their typing and computer skills.  

Let me know if you can help either one of the projects.




2 responses to “Gently used laptops wanted for projects in Tanzania & Guatemala

  1. Hi Ken, we are doing a similar project in Nicaragua this spring. We have 6 used laptops but we are struggling in how to bring them in Nicaragua. Any ideas?

    • Hi Dominque, the easist way is to find folks going to Nicaragua who are willing to carry a laptop with them and deliver them to the project. This is how we’re getting them to both Tanzania and Guatemala.


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