A final message for 2014 on Ken’s Guatemalan School

December 29, 2014Dear friends, greetings from Guatemala where I’m planning to celebrate the New Year’s with friends and then visit the school next week to get an update from the teacher and the staff in advance of the school year.

I’d like to thank all of you again for your tremendous support of the school. We started this process in 2005 by offering a small number of scholarships for students who wanted to travel outside of the village of El Triunfo to pursue an education. Today we have a middle school and high school which attract, not only the students of El Triunfo, but students from several near-by villages.

In another month, it will be first pay day of the school for the teachers of the school. With your support we are able to pay the teachers in both schools along with a director and secretary for each school, a computer technician to keep the computer lab going as well as a cleaner.

You can still make a donation for this year. Your tax deductible donations to the school can be directed to Pueblito Canada.

You can donate online at http://www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?CharityID=25964

(Click on “Donate Now.” Then under “You can select to apply your donation to a specific fund set up by this charity,” select “El Triunfo School Project.”

You can also mail a cheque payable to Pueblito Canada to (please note this is a new address) :

Pueblito Canada

107A 2238 Dundas St. W

Toronto, ON M6R 3A9

ATTN: El Triunfo School Project

Thank you! Best wishes to you and your families for the upcoming year.



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