My August Visit to the School

October 29, 2017

Dear friends,

Can you believe it? The year has ended for the middle school we are supporting in the community of El Triunfo in Guatemala. Classes concluded earlier this month and the graduation ceremony for the grade nine class will be held on November 6.

On my last visit to the school in August, I was very pleasantly surprised to see enrollment had more or less held steady in all three grades. This means the school is bucking some local and national trends which shows school enrolment at this level is dropping. Throughout the year, I was expecting to see some of the boys in grade who were older and larger than their classmates to disappear but they hadn’t. It was quite rewarding to see them still in school as I’ve seen many kids over the years drop-out for work or family reasons.

Grade 9

Our grade nine class


You can see some photos from my visit to Guatemala from the school and when I went to a soccer game on what turned out to be a very rainy day in Solola here.

A recent interview (Spanish) with an official with the United Nations Development Program discussed how Guatemala is the only Latin American country not to have reduced poverty over the past two decades and in fact poverty is increasing with around 65% of the Guatemala population living in poverty. In indigenous communities, the poverty level is much higher. Around five years ago many of the families with children in the school could benefit from a program which paid them a cash bonus each month if their children were registered in school and had received all of their immunizations. The program was based on a highly successful program in Brazil. While reports say that the program continues in Guatemala, it has not been available to the people of El Triunfo for a number of years. (When I asked why the program isn’t available anymore I was told, “We voted for the wrong candidate for President.”)

On a brighter note, one of the highlights of the school since its inception has been the large numbers of girls who have been studied in the school. I was thinking about this recently on the International Day of the Girl on October 11. This project started off over ten years by supporting two young women with scholarship and continues to support the aspirations of many young women who wish to pursue an education.

Grade 7

Our Grade 7 Class


Thank you for your ongoing support of the school. Your donations are used to pay the salaries of the teachers each month. You can donate online through Casa Pueblito or mail in a cheque. (A cheque actually ensures that more of your money goes directly to the school!) But here’s the link for online donations –

(If you are donating online please follow: under “Donate To This Charity Now”, please select option #2 “El Triunfo School Project.” You may also wish to indicate that your donation is for Ken’s School in the note.)

You can also mail a cheque payable to Casa Pueblito or drop one off with me.

 Casa Pueblito

107A 2238 Dundas St. W

Toronto, ON M6R 3A9

ATTN: El Triunfo School Project

Thank you! And I hope to share some graduation photos with you next month.



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